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Why You Need The Will/Vaseeyat

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In the great epic Mahabharata, one of the questions asked by Yaksha to Yudhisthira was:

Yaksha:What is the most wonderful thing?

Yudhisthira: The most amazing thing is that even though every day one sees countless living entities dying, he still acts and thinks as if he will live forever.

The answer of Yudhisthira is true even today. Succession or Inheritance planning is as important as planning about other aspects of life. Making a Will/Vaseeyat is the only method to fulfill the desires of a person after their death and with this one can dispose off his movable, immovable, intellectual and other properties in accordance with their own desires. Leaving no Will/Vaseeyat could leave behind a litigation for the legal heirs and the cause of litigation cannot be cured by any means.

The litigation among the legal heirs/beneficiaries will not only put financial burden on them but can also create bitterness and deteriorated relationship. The cost of preparation of Will/Vaseeyat is much cheaper option than the cost of litigations, without deterioration of relationship among the legal heirs/ beneficiaries which cannot be compensated in any manner whatsoever.

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